Thursday, May 31, 2012


I have a voice.  One in a million.  One in 7 billion.  One voice that wants to be heard.  That wants to be remembered.  Remembered for being something more than dust and blood and bits of memory.  One voice afraid of being lost in the fray.  One voice afraid of the silence that waits somewhere in the distant darkness of the future.  One voice afraid of speaking.  Afraid of what I will say.  Autophobic.  Afraid of myself.  Afraid of the consequences of Being.  Being a voice.

God has a voice.  One.  Voice.  He is word.  Word.  He is all that can be said.

I am an echo.  A reverberation falling on stones.  A distortion of Word.  I am feedback.  A steady hum.

Let Word cancel out noise.  Let Voice speak in silence.

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